Safe, fun daycare supervised by trained pack leaders

Come play with us at Happy Dogs!

Daycare is the heart of our service to you. Done right, daycare brings happiness and health to dogs — and peace of mind to dog owners.

We pride ourselves in offering high-quality care based on a proven dog pack handling approach, combined with superior convenience and service.

Our regular daycare users are special to us, and we prove it by giving you perks and discounts on all our other services, including boarding, baths, and our retail boutique. Come join the pack!

Why daycare?

  • Dogs are pack animals by nature and love socializing and playing with others.
  • Your dog will get plenty of physical and mental exercise, contributing to health and well-being.
  • After a fun-filled day with us, your dog will have less excess energy, and will be ready for calm, quality time at home with you.

We maintain a safe, playful daycare environment

  • Our daycare is supervised at all times by staff who serve as pack leaders. We believe it’s essential for the safety and happiness of the dogs that supervisors know how to handle not just individual dogs, but dogs in a pack.
  • We systematically train our staff in a dog pack handling approach similar to that taught by well-known dog whisperer Cesar Milan. This involves using “calm, assertive energy” and other proven techniques to maximize happy interaction among dogs.
  • All dogs in our daycare must pass a thorough behavioral assessment test, helping to ensure your dog will be playing with other healthy, happy, well-behaved dogs.

Our facility is comfortable, clean, and fun

  • Our facility is air conditioned with a comfortable temperature all year round.
  • There is fresh water for our dogs at all times.
  • Live web cams are available to all members.
  • We are obsessive about cleanliness. In fact, we have a “30 second rule” for cleaning up after dogs on the spot.

Maximum convenience for busy professionals

  • We are open every day of the year. For hours, see here.
  • We are one block from the Vernon Blvd. 7 train, on 50th Avenue near 5th Street.
  • We can pick up and drop off your dog from your home (within walking distance) between 9 a.m. to noon and from 5 to 7 p.m.

Ready to get started?

  • To register your dog for daycare with us, see here.
  • For our rates, see here.