Quality dog daycare a block from the Vernon/Jackson 7 train

We also do boarding and baths!

Happy Dogs, where dogs make friends

Dogs are pack animals by nature. They love being together. They hate being alone.

That’s why we believe, next to you, the right daycare could be the best thing for your dog.

How we do daycare

We have built our daycare service around three pillars:

  • Connector.

    Natural pack handling

    Our staff are trained to be pack leaders — referees of safe play — based on an expert understanding of natural dog behavior. No cages, leashes, or spray bottles.

  • Connector.

    Being strict when it matters

    We’re meticulous about things like cleanliness and up-to-date vaccinations. Some say we’re obsessive. We say dog well-being is really important.

  • Connector.

    Honesty and transparency

    You can see our dog runs from our lobby and from our (free) live cams. We tell you if anything is out of the ordinary. We tell you if we think your dog isn’t happy with us.

Read more about our approach to daycare here.

Convenience for dog parents

We offer door-to-door pick-up and drop-off from around the L.I.C. neighborhood.

Find out if you are in one of our pick-up/drop-off zones here.

We’re in it together

A dog is a joy – and a responsibility. At Happy Dogs, taking care of your dog is a partnership between you, the dog’s parents, and our team.

That’s why we have a detailed membership handbook that lays out exactly what to expect of us — and what is expected of you.

Working together, we ensure your dog’s happiness and safety.

Some nice things people have said about us

Our dog pulls on the leash in the direction of Happy Dogs when we head out the door in the morning, always happy to see his favorite pack leaders and best doggy friends. Stephanie S
Happy Dogs is the best thing that ever happened to our dog, and he knows it… The staff is great about alerting us to any issues he has had, and he loves them almost as much as he loves us.Adam T.
Love this place. Everyone at Happy Dogs is so friendly and cares so deeply about dogs. When I go to pick up my dog, they immediately know which dog to call for.Jessica L.
It’s amazing piece of mind to know your dog is happy and having fun with his friends, and makes our lives so much easier having an absolutely exhausted dog at the end of the day.Colin R.
Our corgi Miso loves Happy Dogs! He’s been going here since he was a puppy and has enjoyed every moment of it. The staff are very friendly and responsive and gets to know the dogs very well.Lilly W.
Can I give this place 6 stars? The staff is wonderful… It’s incredibly easy to communicate any changes in schedule, someone is always there to pick up the phone or respond to an email quickly. Lisa G.

For more, see our Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews, and Google reviews of our sister locations. (We’re new in L.I.C.!)

What’s next?

To learn more:

  • Check out our photos and videos of the pack (in the sidebar — or below on mobile)
  • Email or call us with any questions
  • Drop by — we’re on 50th Avenue near 5th Street
  • Check out our prices

To get started:

  • Joining the pack is easy. Click here for our 4-step registration process.